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Buybry Buybry-the Training Library with a difference….. Buy it, read it, watch it, return it, get your money back! …where else could you buy a book or DVD, read or watch it, soak up all the information and tips, then … Read More

Online Results Submission

Online Results Submission The Northern Branch continues to support members with their endeavours outside of normal training hours and in doing so presents the following 2018 Awards Entitlement Criteria. Awards for 2018 will be based on attendance at Branch training for … Read More

What to Bring

What To Bring to Training? What do you need to do to have an enjoyable training experience with your dog at our branch? All dogs that attend GSDCV training grounds are required to be vaccinated and you should bring proof … Read More

Other Training Branches

Where else can you train? You can train at any of the 11 Training Branches of the GSDCV, all of which are run by volunteers. These Branches are located throughout metropolitan Melbourne as well as regional Victoria. Branches are open … Read More

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