If you are coming to training this Saturday…. !

Members please note that membership renewals are now due.

You can do this online at: http://gsdcv.org.au/about/membership/membership-renewal/

Please note that under normal circumstances we will not be accepting renewals at the branch, especially for the first 4 weeks back. Please refer to the above.

For those joining the Club in 2018 for the first time ( February 3 ) please endeavour to arrive from 12.00 noon, so we can attempt to process you prior to training commencing.

A reminder that you need to be a current member to join in with training and be covered by the Club’s insurance policy.

Renewals are now due and can be done online at: http://gsdcv.org.au/about/membership/membership-renewal/


Members please attempt to be ready for the lineup prior to training at approx 1.55pm. We understand that work and family commitments may at times preclude some members from being ready,however to arrive early allows your dog to settle in and avoids over excited dogs disrupting a class that has already commenced. Socialising prior to class is also highly beneficial to all concerned.