Buybry-the Training Library with a difference…..

Buy it, read it, watch it, return it, get your money back!

…where else could you buy a book or DVD, read or watch it, soak up all the information and tips, then return it during the honeymoon period and get your money back!!

…here at Northern of course.

This is how the Buybry works:

The Buybry structure will essentially be a refund system, where Members buy a book or DVD at cost plus shipping and admin fees.

The borrowing date is marked on a card on the inside cover of the item.

On return of as book all monies are refunded, minus borrowing fee. Borrowing fee to be $3.00 for the first two weeks and a $1.00 per week thereafter. After one month the book is considered sold if not returned.

For DVD’S there is a flat $5.00 borrowing fee and the DVD is considered sold after two weeks.

If the Buybry administrator is not present on the day,a member returns a resource, an instructor or committee member can validate the date of return on the card, which will be honoured by the Buybry administrator.

Resources which are damaged beyond normal wear are considered sold.

Resources will comply with the GSDCV guidelines and ethos.

Helping you to get optimum fun and enjoyment from your canine companion is our priority. That’s why we strive to provide you with the tools you need to achieve the well mannered canine citizen you have always dreamed of. So here is another method of satisfying your thirst for knowledge.

With the small borrowing fee you pay on return of the item, you will be assisting us to purchase additional books and DVD’S for the Buybry, making the Training Library a great resource for us all.

Some of the titles available include:

  • Citizen Canine
  • Superpuppy
  • Adolescent Dog Survival Guide
  • The Toolbox for Building a Great Family Dog
  • Mind Games For Dogs
  • Try Tracking-The Puppy TRacking Primer
  • Gentle Hands Off Dog Training
  • Culture Clash
  • FIGHT- A practical guide to dog to dog aggression
  • Mine-A guide to resource guarding in dos
  • Purely positive training-companion to competition

Please see Melissa on training days for more information and start borrowing.