Hello Northerners.

Please be advised that Northern will be closed on Grand Final weekend September 28.

The Branch will be under resourced on that day, so we will look forward to seeing you

the following Saturday.



The Northern Branch is the only metropolitan venue of the GSDCV to train on Saturday afternoons. This gives members from other Branches the flexibility of an alternative site when the situation demands a different day. We have a group of very experienced instructors who can give guidance in general obedience for nine week old puppies through to older mature dogs, obedience trialing, Rally O, tracking and endurance.

Thinking of giving conformation shows a crack? We can help there too. Also handy for members haling from  other Branches….you do not have to miss a class!

Training times areObedience classes commence at 2.00pm, Show Classes commence at 3.20pm

We do encourage members to arrive about 30 mins prior to take advantage of the socialisation that occurs before classes.

If you have questions regarding the training of puppies and older dogs, purchasing a puppy or a membership enquiry, please call our Chief Instructor Terry Taukus on 0409 003468 or terrytaukus3@optusnet.com.au

(Please call or e-mail only. No texts.Thank you )


What Can You Do and Learn?

Training is fun, and your dog is rewarded throughout the training session.
Rewards can be food, a favourite toy or object or verbal praise. Make sure you bring any or all of them each week.
Training your dog involves learning all of the following then you will have a well behaved dog.
• Socialising with other dogs
• Focus and Watch Me
• Sit, Drop and Stand
• Recall (come back when called!)
• Walking calmly and Heeling
• Praise and Play
• Leave
• Problem Solving
• Meet other like minded GSD owners and their dogs and puppies