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The Northern Branch continues to support members with their endeavours outside of normal training hours and in doing so presents the following 2018 Awards Entitlement Criteria.

Awards for 2018 will be based on attendance at Branch training for a minimum of 20 weeks recorded into the token table software. 5 weeks within that 20 can relate to officially gazetted shows, trials, lectures etc.

Please note that these requirements will be adhered to!!

Award Categories

Awards will be presented for but not limited to:

Performance: Obedience, Rally, Agility, Dances with dogs, Herding, ET, Tracking

Performance Exhibitor of the year: No specific formula, decided upon by CI and ACI

Conformation: 1st Excellent, GSDCA Schemes including Hips/Elbows, Breed Survey, Australian Champion

Conformation Exhibitor of the year

This award will be based on point scoring for animals on the pegs and will be formulated from the following major specialty shows:

National Champ Show, Vic Champ Show in March, State Breed, Vic Champ Show/WDC W/E, ACT Champ Show W/E, all with a bonus of 10 pts

and in addition, All Breed shows with a specialty judge carrying a bonus of 5 points (10/5 points for the show, not each class you may be entered in)

Encouragement/merit awards

Will be decided upon at the discretion of the instructor group. Whilst the 20 weeks will still apply, some variables may be applied to particular handlers with the final decision resting with the Chief Instructor.

Your results/achievements, by which awards are formulated, are to be submitted online in the fields below. Your last opportunity to send such will be by midnight 9th November. Any submission past that deadline will automatically be tabulated into 2019.

Please note that we will only strike awards based on submissions received in accordance with the above criteria.

Northern Results Submission

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