Welcome to the German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria!

Welcome to the Northern branch


The Northern Branch is the only metropolitan venue of the GSDCV to train on Saturday afternoons. This gives members from other Branches the flexibility of an alternative site when the situation demands a different day.

We have a group of very experienced instructors who can give guidance in general obedience for nine week old puppies through to older mature dogs, obedience trialing, Rally O, tracking and endurance.

Thinking of giving conformation shows a crack? We can help there too. Also handy for members haling from  other Branches....you do not have to miss a class!

Training times are:  Obedience classes commence at 2.00pm

                               Show Classes commence at 3.20pm

We do encourage members to arrive about 30 mins prior to take advantage of the socialisation that occurrs before classes.

If you have questions regarding the training of puppies

and older dogs, purchasing a puppy or a membership

enquiry, please call our Chief Instructor

 Terry Taukus  0439 003468 

   e-mail: terrytaukus3@optusnet.com.au

Please respond via a call or e-mail only.




Branch closures

Members please note that Northern will be

closed on the following dates:

October 14

November 4

Don't forget that your membership entitles

you to train at any GSDCV venue. So why not

visit an alternative branch on Sunday morning.

Check them out at gsdcv.org.au/branches




For those joining the Club

for the first time, please endeavour to arrive

by 1.15pm so we can attempt to process you prior to

training commencing.

A reminder that you need to be a current

member to join in with training and be

covered by the Club's insurance policy.





Members please attempt to be ready for the

lineup prior to training at approx 1.55pm. We  

understand that work and family committments may at

times preclude some members from being ready,

however to arrive early allows your dog

to settle in and avoids over excited dogs disrupting a

class that has already commenced. Socialising prior to

class is also highly beneficial to all concerned.




Announcing Northern's newest acquisition.

The Branch is now the proud owner of a Vet standard

weighing machine. For a gold coin donation which will

allow us to restock the till, you can now check your

dog's weight and condition against the official GSDCA

weight chart, have a chat to our Breed Officers regarding

diet and exercise and all without the need of a Vet

consultation. Simple!!





We now have the ability to handle

transactions via eftpos. Your payment for

renewals, equipment, dog food etc can now

be handled with plastic. Please note that this

does not apply to your weekly training fees or Mary's

sumptuous delights in the cafe.




Heard about Northern's latest innovation...

the Buybry.

The training library with a difference.

Click on Buybry on the side menu

and find out more.








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